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Do not use on upper lid

This product caused skin discoloration on and around my upper lid.


I recently switched up my skincare routine because I had nasty breakouts and blemishes that I just couldn't get rid of. When I began using this product, it's like a had a whole new face! This product does not irritate my face the way my old products were, and I feel like my face has cleared up pretty well! I feel so much better using the SSS.

Love this!

I really enjoy using this product! It's pretty lightweight and sinks in pretty quickly, which is great for my skin type! Ever since I began using this product, I haven't had my usual problems with dryness, I feel very moisturized and soft!

My teen son and I swear by this mask. Our skin is so smooth and hydrated after using this. Takes away my son's dry patchy areas.


I was going through a lot and didn’t take care of my skin as in rarely washed my face 😭😳. The times I used this serum kept my skin blemish free it’s actually scary thinking about it. Literally my face didn’t break out like crazy like it used to. This is the best serum that I’ve used.

I love the citrus smell of this product. It gets my face squeaky clean without being harsh or drying. I love how my skin feels after. Nice and prepped for the next steps in my routine.

It's okay!

It's not necessarily good or bad; I can't really tell if it's doing anything after about a month of use, but hopefully, it's doing something! It definitely did NOT come in the package that's used for advertisements, though, and that upset me because I don't have a dropper to use.


I have a spot on my face, a keratin build-up, and this is the only serum that has ever made the spot lighter and smaller. Will definitely keep using.

Stuffs Amazing !

I Live for this serum ! It really Works


By far, my favorite product from them. It has helped my dry skin flourish during the colder season.


I love using this after a long work day, just a couple spritzes and I feel refreshed. And it smells good too.

So good!

I absolutely love this product! It has done wonders for my skin.

No noticeable difference

So far I haven't noticed any changes to my skin using this oil good or bad.


This is an effective toner, better than the Neutrogena one that I have used in the past. This toner gets my skin gets very clean but not overly dry. Someone also mentioned below that there is no sticky residue, which is a great point. My skin just feels clean and fresh after using this toner.

What I’ve Been Waiting For..

Not to sound dramatic but I didn’t know until the palette came out of the packaging that I’ve been waiting for more makeup/skincare with BIPOC literally on the cover. The artwork is so beautiful, that at this point - the shades inside being so highly pigmented and long lasting is itself the bonus. Thanks so much for curating such wonderful products (:

At first I wasn't sure if this product was working until I stopped using it and got a small but annoying pimple. I quickly washed my face, let it dry and applied this miracle. The next morning, the pimple was flat and the day after, it was gone. Usually my pimple leaves behind a mark but this one didn't!


First time I ordered the souffle and I'm amazed. Thick, rich, creamy but not greasy. My skin loves it and so do I. Huge recommendation!

Love Ayele Bucks

It’s really awesome that when you get enough points you get a gift card for your purchase!

Really nice

This is super hydrating and feels great on my skin

My favorite toner

I have really sensitive skin, but this toner doesn’t bother it at all and my skin really loves it! It’s very light weight which I love.

Been using for years and cleared my acne scars. I use it twice a day in the morning and at night.

Best item

I’ve been using this product for the past three years it’s also my face is always clear and even when a dark spot appear after a week the spot is no longer there


I love this product!!

Gave me fine bumps and weird texture :(

Everyone's skin is different, and I was hoping that the SSS would do wonders for my skin like it would everyone else! However, every time I would apply the serum as the last step in my routine, my face would feel a bit weird (kind of itchy). Every time I would wake up and look in the mirror, the texture on my face would look rough, even though it felt smooth. I might have had an allergic reaction to something in the ingredients :( Hopefully, everyone else had a good experience, though!

So Good

I've always had very sensitive skin on my face, and it got to the point where my eyes where the skin on my eyes got so dry and irritated that I had to use a steroid cream to finally get it to calm down. I tried so many different eye creams--unscented, for sensitive skin, etc but it would still end up burning my skin. This is the only eye cream I've used that keeps my skin moisturized without irritating. It's a small container but the cream isn't very thick so a little goes a long way. Really awesome product!