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Maybe an issue with shelf life?

So I purchased this as my first ever daily sunscreen & let me just say it worked WONDERS. It was awesome as a final step in my skincare routine & I felt it got the job done. The smell was not very appealing from the get go but one day I went to use it & the smell was HORRIBLE. It was so bad that I thought my little sister had done something to it out of anger, & I was storing it in my bathroom, not under direct light or in too hot or too cold temperatures. I’m not sure what happened but I couldn’t believe it lol. No lie though, all smells aside, this sunscreen was a winner.

Super moisturizing

So I ordered this in my very first order w/Ayele when they were Bahi & I was very pleased. It literally hydrated & moisturized underneath my eye & I didn’t want to stop using it. The packaging was so small though that I did discontinue use, only because I didn’t want to be paying for something just as a bonus. I didn’t NEED it but there’s no denying that it works for moisture.

Awesome product

This is the product that initially brought me to start purchasing Ayele & Co, back when it was still Bahi. Absolutely LOVE this! I let my at the time boyfriend rub some on his face & without me even telling him what it was supposed to do the first thing he said was how he felt the texture of his skin had improved immediately. I would suggest using this RIGHT after your toner though, I’m not sure about applying it as the last step in your routine being that it’s so light weight.

Not sure what it did for my skin.

This cleanser was super duper light & felt like that thin coco butter lotion that comes in the big bottle that you never quite finish using. At some point I became frustrated with the consistency (doesn’t lather even slightly, & was super super light like watery lotion) that I just gave up using it after about a month, month & a half. I felt like I was wasting product because I was using a whole lot to try & produce results.

Holy Grail!

This is hands down the BEST item I have ever used by Ayele & co. Left my skin feeling super soft & exfoliated DAILY. Never felt too harsh, & I have dry semi sensitive skin. Love this item. I’ve got nothing left but empty containers or I’d post a pic.

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

I loved the original formula, like literally have probably 2 or 3 empty bottles in a bag in my bathroom. It was so good to my skin. Unfortunately the last order I placed on it, apparently they updated the ingredients & added cucumber, kale, something or the other & it now just kinda dries my skin & makes it tight. Still not the worst product ever, but I’ve had to rearrange my whole skincare routine because of that. I recommend only purchasing if you already have a serum to use over this as it’s only good for layering now.

Underrated product! Do Not Discontinue!

Excuse me while I stock up!! This product is definitely slept on. I use a strong acid toner as part of my skincare routine which can sometimes leave my skin dry but, following up with this product has been the best decision I've made for my skin. Literally makes my skin instantly brighter, plump and moisturized! I love it! and you get a great amount for the price! Also, it smells great!! The shelf life is 10 months so stock up while it's still available!

Good scrub!

Idk if it's the batch I received in particular, but this scrub seems a little runny. Aside from that, it offers a gentle yet thorough exfoliation and i actually leave it on for 15 mins after as a mask. I just wish the consistency was a little thicker.


Loveeeee this mask! it smells greats and makes my skin look and feel super fresh & renewed. It's a little granulated which is great because it offers a gentle exfoliation. Idk how often it's supposed to be used but I use it every 3 days and I've seen a significant difference in my hyperpigmentation. I even got my esthetician hooked because she loved my results!

Not suggested for combination skin

The face wash felt very weird like a lotion instead of lathering like a cleanser. I have combination skin and sometimes experience dry and oily face in the day. I don't like the feeling it leaves on my face...almost like its not clean. I then use the toner after I wash with this cleanser. Then the face serum to place moisture back in my face. Followed by a daily moisturizer.
Im glad I tried it but will not order this item again. I will order a difference cleanser next time.

Not quite sure about this product

Like all of you I read all the great reviews and couldn’t help but to purchase this product and hopefully get great results as well. Howeverrrrrr, I’m not sure this is “it” for me. I suffer from comedonal acne so whiteheads and blackheads and some cystic pimples. I noticed an increase in my forehead acne recently and this is the only thing that is different in my routine. I will say that when I pick something that isn’t ready this kind of helps keep it at bay meaning it won’t get as angry and irritated as they usually get when they’re not ready to be popped. So it’s not the worst but also not what u was hoping

Love it

I was kinda skeptical about whether this would work or not, but it actually works! It really calms down any breakouts I had and I notice the difference overnight.

This has definitely helped with lightening up my dark marks from having acne. After I use it in the morning, my skin is so glossy and bright. I only use one pump for every application, a little goes a long way. I’ve been using for a month now and still have more than half a bottle left. I would definitely repurchase.


I recently got the super concenrate and can honestly say that I love it. The dark spots on my face are getting lighter and I haven't felt any new breakouts coming. I was a little thrown off by the smell but it really does work great! Would definitley keep using.

Bomb Dot COM

I love the way this has my skin feeling after I was it. It is not harsh or drying!

Great serum for face

My sister inteoduced me to this serum. You use it after you cleanse your face. I absolutely love how it has minimized my enlarged pores, keeps my face moisturized. It it to be work under your moisturizer in the cold months. And warm months by its after your cleanse youe face.

It also smoothes out my various akin tones on my face. A great serum to purchase.

Not a serum it’s just the oil if you have acne it will break you out

Not a serum it’s just the oil ,if you have acne it will break you out !!!!
I have heard so many marvelous reviews over the years over the sunflowers sweet serum and I was so excited to finally purchase it ,only to find out that it is not a serum whatsoever. I Feel I was very misled by the wording of the product. It left my face oily on the surface it didn’t even penetrate and moisturize my skin,clog pores and face breaking out. my skin has not improved whatsoever because my skin does wonders with serum’s and is a train wreck with the oil. I’ve been trying to stick it out hoping that maybe Patience is the key but it’s been three weeks and it’s only been getting worse.never would’ve purchased this expensive product if I had known it was nothing but oils together

A little disappointing:(

Maybe it’s just not right for my skin but I felt the formula is a little thin for what it’s worth and it didn’t feel very hydrating:( maybe would be better if I had the sunflower serum along with it but on its own it’s a little thin I always feel like I need to put something else with it to give me full moisture.


I love the results . My skin always feels baby smooth.

First purchase

I was skeptical at first because I’ve been suffering from hormonal acne for the past years and always get alone or two acne every week, this holy grail helped with easing them out and keeping them smaller as time goes, it also helps with my scars. It’s a must have ♥️

Super hydrating!

I have normal-dryish skin, but in colder months it tends to err on the side of dry. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s amazing! It’s very lightweight - not too thick or creamy and doesn’t feel like it’s just sitting on the surface of your skin. I use this moisturizer with the Galore’s Garden & Hydra-boost Serums underneath and Sunflower Sweets on top and my skin is loving it, I feel moisturized all day!

Gentle & effective

I was used to the old formula which I thought was amazing, but this new formula is awesome as well! I feel like it exfoliates better, and it’s gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I only give it 4 stars because the smell is a little odd. Otherwise it’s a solid product!


So, I'm obsessed with this brand and this is the third facial cleanser I've tried of theirs because the other two were great but not quite exactly what my skin needed. I have naturally oily skin so I feel like I'm always walking a fine like of cleansing without stripping my skin of all its natural healthy oils and I think that's exactly what this cleanser does!!! my face doesn't feel dry or tight after cleansing but trust me it's definitely getting in there and clearing out all my daily grossness. Like I said, it's the third i've tried but I'm definitely sticking with this one!


I've used so so so many moisturizers before and none make me feel as good as this one does! I used to have a lot of breakouts and even after starting with just the sunflower serum I still felt like I was needing a little extra something and after I paired this lotion with the sunflower serum did my skin really start to get clear and I honestly get complimented on my skin pretty much on a regular basis. I can honestly say it's all thanks to this skin care brand.


Smells incredible! Sometimes I feel so yucky when I've been wearing my makeup all day and a little spritz of this is sometimes exactly what I need to feel like a refreshed newborn baby