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The new formula is a NO!!!

Im not really liking the new formula that they have now for this serum, the old one was like a jelly consistency and it made my face more hydrated, this new formula is more liquid and it makes my face feel dry.

I love this serum!

I haven been using the SSS for the last two years. It has been amazing to my skin and I have put all of my friend and family on to it’s amazingness! However, in my most recent bottle I can notice a major difference, the consistency it thinner and it doesn’t not effect my skin like it use to. Maybe the flower petals made more of a different than I thought.

So far so good

This product has a thicker consistency but it absorbs into my skin very nicely, and it doesn’t make me look greasy. I love that it makes my skin feel soft and glowy

Amazing Exfoliant!!

Not only has this been incredibly festive too use during autumn and winter but instantly after using I notice a perfect glow on my skin! It spreads very easily and I love the choice of ingredients; organic, clean yet active!!! I love when organic companies are well-informed on active skincare ingredients!! Keep doing amazing work Ayele. Please never stop selling this masque, it’s going to be a staple in my routine!!

My favourite Winter Moisturizer

I bought this along with the HydraBoost Serum and the combination of the two has really helped me throughout these winter months. It’s not too oily or too drying it’s the perfect consistency and goes on sooooo silky! A little really goes a long way with this. I only use two pumps and add an extra drop of tea tree oil and it’s really helped with acne. I love it!! Thank you Ayele, please keep making our skin beautiful.

Perfect Hyaluronic Acid Serum!!!

So many amazing humectants and antioxidants in this serum! Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Cucumber Extract and a PEPTIDE! It goes on so silky and is sooooo hydrating especially for this dry winter weather! So far one of my favourites for this season.

Love it!

I love this moisturizer! It’s lightweight, non-greasy & I don’t have to use a lot to get the job done.


This serum got my skin 👏🏾all👏🏾 the 👏🏾 way together. I've even purchased a bottle for my nephew because it works so well. On his first use, we noticed a significant difference in his dry and patchy skin.

I see you eye cream!

My eyes are super sensitive and my eyelids get oily. I'm very cautious about what I use around my eyes. I only use a small amount of the product and I begin to see the glow around my eyes. Although my eyes still get oily, they look youthful. I love it. A little goes a looooooong way.

Amazing serum!

This product is amazing. I noticed my acne scars have started to fade already and my skin is improving over all. It is extremely light and doesn't leave a sticky feeling which was my biggest concern. I am definitely buying it again and highly recommend it.

Love it

I’ve been getting small breakouts near my jaw for a while and since I started using this I’ve noticed it helps make it go away. I have dry skin and this doesn’t make me feel dry either

Better texture

I’ve noticed a better texture and diminishing in my acne In a month. Can’t wait to see Where I’m at in two months.

Absolutely Amazing!

I love this serum! I use it along with their Vitamin C Superfood serum after my moisturizer. Provides great moisture without having my face oily :)

Life changing!

I’ve been using this serum for maybe 2 years now? & the results are amazing! I’ve had acne for about 10 years now and I was always struggling trying to find a skincare routine that would actually clear up my skin. I looked back at pictures from high school & cant believe how much my skin has cleared up! I don’t get little bumps on my forehead, I only breakout on my chin & sometimes cheeks but that’s only for hormonal reasons or if I need to change my sheets. My acne scars have almost disappeared and I’ve noticed my skin tone evening out. I love this product and am so glad I’ve been using it 🤩

This will make your skin glow!

I’ve been using hydraboost since July and it has made my skin along with their other products come a long way!


I’ve been using this product for about a week now, and i can say that the discoloration from acne scarring has almost gone away! i love the gel-like feeling, and is great to layer with sunflower sweets serum

So far so good

I’ve only been using it for about 2 weeks. The side of my face w/ little breakout is almost perfectly clear! The other side hasn’t really cleared. But it does make my face feel smooth. I haven’t broke out worse of had any rashes from this, and that’s a plus considering how sensitive my skin is.


I use it every day both as a toner and a refreshing facial mist. It works wonders for my dry skin and leaves me looking glowy and hydrated. The other day my mom stopped me and asked why I was doing my makeup at 10 pm because of how nice my skin has become once I added this product to my routine

Bye bye hyperpigmentation

If you want your marks gone, pair this cleanser with the SSS and they are history!! Must have in your skin care routine. It does seem to strip oils from your skin, but after i use, i put the SSS on and its back to normal.

Holy grail!!!

If you dont have this serum, you are missing out!! Been using this for about a year and a half straight and only had one pimple every 7-8 months. I ran out and while i waited on this serum, my skin went crazy and i broke out bad. As soon as this product arrived, within 2 weeks all my acne was gone!! Its so moisturizing and i love the smell. I cannot live without this product!!


I love this facial wash. It does not strip all the oils from your skin and lathers great!! I love the way my skin feels after using. I do not like the smell; thought it would smell like honey, but overall i am happy with the results.


I have always used galores garden but this vitamin c serum works just as good. When i started using i had dark marks on my cheeks and chin area. Three weeks later and they have faded so much. I am very impressed!! Will def keep buying.


Love this cleansing oil!!!! Helps breakdown my makeup before I wash my face!

This serum is it!!! Buy sis don't think about it!

First off, I live in Canada (Toronto) so there are some days during winter where the cold is harsh! This serum helps keep my skin moisturized throughout the day and has a lovely smell. I have combination skin and I would definitely recommend this serum.

Wonderful Oil

I became aware of this product from a few influencers I follow in YouTube. I first bought a bottle for my niece and she liked it so I bought for myself because I can breakout on occasion even as a 42 year old woman. I mostly get pimples with my period but in my opinion that it even still too many. I also suffer from oily skin and hyperpigmentation. My first bottle came with the rose petals which I didn’t mind. The big pieces collected to the bottom and it never got clogged in my stopper I’ve had other products/oils with rose petals from Sephora so it was nothing new. My new bottle came without the petals - can’t say I don’t miss them. I just thought they made the bottle look pretty and handmade. Not sure they did anything f but I did like them. Too bad they didn’t sell them both ways and gave the customer the option of which one to buy. Rose is supposed to have many skin benefits so it probably did so something. The oils included in this product are good for the skin and it helps keep acne at bay and hydrates my dehydrated skin which helps with the oiliness. It also seems to aid in decreasing the dark marks I have as well. I will continue to use as long as this product is made. Thank you Ayele!