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Been using it for a couple of weeks and i'm loving it so far! I use it at night and i always wake up with my face looking so clear and smooth

Love it

I love this serum, has helped my skin so much.


Product is ok. At first it made me brake out even more but now my skin is clearing up. Makes my face feel amazing and super glowy. Unfortunately packaging sucks pump doesn’t work, i have to open it to get product out.


The serum it self works great. Packaging not so well. I cant get any product out without removing the cap.

Very nice!

This is the first product that I've tried from Ayele; I heard so much about the Sunflower Sweets Serum, and I'm a mask junkie, so I thought this would be the perfect first try! The smell is A1 (I get very close to tasting it, lol) and it makes my skin so smoooooth! The only thing that I advise against is using it on areas where your skin has milia (skin flakes), or you use hair removal cream on, because those areas are more delicate. But other than that, I'm definitely re-buying this when I run out!

One of two cleansers!

I have struggled with big bumps and break outs for years, the result of that being scaring. My skin is also veryyyy sensitive, and most cleansers I used did nothing for me. Not only did this cleaner help with bumps and texture, but also the overall tone and look of my skin was improved. This is one of two cleaners that I use faithfully and love. Time to re-up!

love it

been using this for a while now and it has definitely improved my skin.

Amazing product

This is the first thing I got from Ayele and I don't regret it, it's not like the picture it shows (mine is more of a cream instead of oil??) but still does wonders to my skin, I can feel the difference whenever I am not wearing it and I don't like it, makes me push myself to do my skin care routine everyday!! Love it!

Would buy again!!!!

This had helped prevent breakouts all over my face and leaves a very soft texture on my skin.

Tha Bomb

I love this product, I thought I found a winner with the sunflower sweet serum, but this product right here. All I can say is just wow! This is my number one go to product, besides the serum and the matcha


I love how this product makes my skin feel, smooth, soft and clean. This is my 2nd go to product.

Love it

Love this cleanser - it's super gentle and also very thorough in removing all the make up and residue. It does not leave me feeling overly dry. This will be a regular product for me now! <3


My serum came brown when it was delivered, BROWN! It broke my face out worse than what it already was. Never buying again, smh

Spot treatment

Didn’t work for me

Charcoal mask

So this mask is lies of a revitalizing mask. I make a paste with this one and a tad bit of turmeric. It washes off easily as well but definitely a little on the messy side.

Coco mask

Okay, so this is a hydrating mask but it’s not overpowering. I personally use this 2-3x a week on my face at night. I make into a paste with water and a few drops of lemon juice then apply to face and wash off when dry.

Scrub away!

I love this scrub!!! It’s super gentle but it literally is top exfoliators that I own!!!

The Best

Literally this sunscreen is the best, doesn’t leave you with purple or grey cast at all. I also have sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Glides on so smoothly, smells great and overall one of my favorite sunscreens I have tried.

Feels not too heavy and settles into your skin to look beautiful and fresh

I ordered the 1 oz bottle just to try the serum and it took a long time to get to my house and when I opened the package the bottle was probably filled with about half serum and half flowers. So although I really got half an ounce of the product I really enjoy using it in combination with my moisturizers because it doesn’t clog my pores or irritate my skin at all! I have terribly sensitive and dry skin and it helps a lot. Doesn’t leave your face shiny like an oil, yet it lasts a long time on your skin so it won’t go anywhere. I wish there was more product in the bottle but I will definitely be purchasing the big one next time.


my skin has been out of control lately, and using this product has finally calmed it down. the confidence i feel now after trying this serum is indescribable. i will 100% be ordering again AND a bigger size!!!! can’t say enough good things

Broke me out :(

This product broke me out unfortunately. The irony about that is that I used other Ayele products to get rid of the break out lol! Maybe my skin is a little too sensitive for this


I’m not quite sure exactly how long I’ve been using this product for but I’m pretty sure it’s been well over half a year. I don’t really get bad acne but once in a while the sides of my face and forehead will break out. The SSS always helps me get rid of them quicker and it also helps with scars. I’ve also just recently started using it on some new stretch marks and I can already see them lightening up.

Love this stuff

I’ve been using the SSS for a little over a month now and I am in love. It has done wonders for my acne and acne scars. It also gives me a nice healthy glow which I love. Overall my skin is much more clear, smoother and glowy. I will definitely repurchase this once I’m done.

Feels great but not for me

I tried this for a long-ish time (5 months ) and I really wanted this to work, but my skin just didn’t like it. My skin type is oily and acne prone.
- it feels divine! Literally soaked into my skin and made it feel super soft. I started using tretonoin about 3 months after I started using this and it helped with any tret induced dryness.
- fades dark spots quickly. I always get stubborn PIH left over after breakouts, this definitely helped clear them.

- socwhen using this, I had these constant closed comedomes on my t zone and for some reason I never made the connection that they really started when I started using this product. Turns out my skin hates stearic acid. I had another product in my skin care routine that also contained stearic acid and when I took both of them out of my routine, my cc problem practically vanished.

TLDR; product feels great & fades dark spots, but stearic acid breaks me out.

Magic in a bottle

I LOVE this stuff!!!! omg.. i can't thank Ayele & Co enough for this product. It has done wonders for my skin!! It def has helped lighten up all these dark marks alot. If you haven't ordered this product it now! lol =)