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Love it

How it feels:
My skin- I have verrrry sensitive skin, so the tingle isn’t for the faint of heart but it is very short lived.
My husband- I have also used on my husband who has normal/non-reactive skin and he felt a mild tingle.
How it works: Worth the tingle!!!!
My skin- pretty pink after but by morning it was back to normal and over the next couple days improved drastically. I can’t use more than once a week bc I have very sensitive skin but I looove it.
My husbands skin- slightly pink, and so soft immediately after. Improvements by the next morning.
Final thoughts- highly recommend. If you have super sensitive skin I’d recommend a patch test. But most people I feel will love it

My absolute fav!

I have been using this serum for three years now and it's definitely a staple item in my skin care routine. My face feels hydrated without being oily. This product gives results without breaking the bank. I can't imagine my life without this product!

So good!

It really has reduced my breakouts! I was FaceTiming my friend yesterday, and she even commented on my skin and how clear it was! Totally recommend!

Great Mask

It tingles a bit, but I personally didn't experience any stinging. I actually find the tingling very satisfying! Great mask, makes my skin feel super smooth!


I use this as a daily facial moisturizer and I love it! It's super hydrating but feels lightweight.

Sensitive Skin Saver

I absolutely love this toner for when my sensitive skin is in need of some extra love. It's very gentle, but I do feel like it makes a difference to my skin. Some products like this can feel like just plain water, but this feels like it gives my skin extra moisture. I also really like the actual sprayer - it gives a fine mist and I only need a few sprays to cover my face. I will definitely repurchase!

Thicker than last jar

I love the Botanical Souffle! It's so rich and decadent but doesn't feel greasy on my skin. This is my second jar and the consistency is different, it's much thicker and I use even less product now. Which is great for longevity! I did like the spreadability of my first jar but I'm still happy with the product. Was there a formula change? Just curious! 💜

My Go-To

I’ve been using SSS for the last 2 years or so, it makes my skin look and feel amazing. It is a staple in my skin care routine.


I love this product, it makes my skin feel smooth and soft.

Nice for nighttime moisture

I would consider this more of a night cream, particularly if you have oily skin. Smells nice.

A holy grail

I used to buy this product when I was in high school and the roses still came inside the serum, but needless to say 5 years or so later and this product is still amazing as I remember. I love how it’s not too thick but still hydrating. Minimizes pores and small breakouts overnight. I try not to go heavy on the amount I use since I wear 2 masks to work majority of the day. But my face is never dry when I take this off. Lifetime customer here!

Really good ...

I didn’t have great expectations for this cream, but I wanted to try it because the Sweetness Serum is fantastic. it’s the best of all the eye creams I’ve ever tried including many high end creams. I had dark circles that were purplish and some puffiness and this cream is doing a wonder on both of those concerns. I use it morning and night and it doesn’t mess up my daytime concealer. It’s taken about a month to see a real difference. Try it.

Broke me out

I like the other products, but this product made me break out

Beautifully Made

This toner is great. It’s the perfect amount of gentle exfoliation that is healthy for the skin & my skin just looks better after using this product. Love

bought as a treat, will be using forever

Fantastic for my combination, prone to breakouts, skin. It feels and smells amazing too!

Very Pleased

I’ve used this toner for a month and have added it to my skin care routine. I love that it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling to my face after applying. It’s gentle enough to use both am/pm. A great introduction into the AHA/BHA world especially people with sensitive skin. Will continue to purchase and alternate between this and my Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner.

Saved My Self-Esteem

I remember purchasing this same products about 3 years ago when the brand name was Bahi. Twitter influencers did not disappoint me when they recommended this product. Did wonders on my scars, i had cystic acne, enlarged pores, and this one product helped so much with smoothening the texture of my skin. Absolutely HAD to purchase this once again. I swear Goddesses themselves made this serum.😍

Hype is real

This has been my holygrail since like 2017 and it never fails me!


I started using it once a week since october and my face feels softer and brighter!

Thick and light somehow at the same time

This product Is really great and is a good night cream for sure. The only thing that was not 100 for me was the smell. If you prefer to not have any smell or fragrance in your lotion then this is a good one. The lack of smell gave me a kind of a glue like scent but I enjoy using the product so I’ve started using it on my very very dry hands and it has been great!

love love love

i don’t usually write reviews on products, but i have to with this one and let people know how amazing it is!! i struggled with acne on my forehead and cheeks and nothing really worked to clear it. i tried literally everything. some things may have helped a little bit not as much as this oil. ever since i started using this oil, my skin and confidence have been amazing. words cannot describe the love i have for this product. don’t mind my before pictures, i had 0 confidence because i was so uncomfortable with my skin and its texture, i have no serious selfies or anything showing my acne except for the one of my cheek. the only picture i have showing the texture of my skin before this product is the picture with my boyfriend and it doesn’t even show it that good lol. i recommend this product to any of my friends struggling with acne. love love loveeeee, thank you A&C 💕💕

Great Daily Spritz (& Gift!)

I got the spritz as a gift for my sister (and one for myself obviously), and we're both big fans. I've never used a spritz before, but I love how it gives a great glow to liven up the skin. I use it after my moisturizer has set in post-shower/post-face wash, but I'm sure it would be great to use at any time throughout the day. It's light, and its scent is clean and crisp. Highly recommend!

Cool Product

I like this product. I am starting to see a difference under my eyes.

Nothing crazy or transformative

I feel like it should be labeled as an oil since it's supposed to come right before sunscreen. It was a nice addition to my skincare routine but it didn't change much about it. It just felt hydrating to my skin- gave it an extra "OOMPH" 😂

A little goes a long way

The initial product I received, the ingredients had separated so I didn’t use it as much because I wasn’t sure what the actual consistency should be. I decided to order it again later and received what I believe to be how the product should have initially been received. The consistency is very light and a little goes a looong way. A dab on my finger is enough for both eyes. I was initially applying to my under eye and eyelid, but noticed I was having some type of reaction on my eyelids when using that application method, so I have continued only with applying to under eye and outer corner with no adverse reaction. It appears to be very moisturizing and leaves my eye area feeling soft, almost silky honestly. I can tell a difference when I do not use it.
A drawback would be that it gives a little shine. With being on camera more often these days, not necessarily looking for a shiny glow. However my moisturizer does a good job of mattifying and reducing the shine.