A Note from our Founder

My grandmother always told me: "Skincare heals more than just the skin, it heals the soul."

The vision of Ayele has been (and will always be) to create a brand that reflects the values of clean and sustainable natural beauty.

Taking my grandmother's love for natural remedies and using myself as a test subject, I formulated (with the assistance of third party laboratories) to craft products that not only worked for me... but for the vast majority. Skincare is genderless, so why restrict it?

To me, Ayele is more than just a brand. It's about showing your skin the true love it deserves. We are an independent, self-funded, black woman-owned & operated company. We're all about nurturing your skin with love and compassion so you care about what goes on your skin. The skincare you use should consist of products that bring comfort to your skin and your soul.

So to those who are starting their journey with Ayele, already begun their journey or still hesitant, I only wish one thing... Skincare is more than just your normal products, it's a therapeutic experience that shows your skin love.

With love from your skincare friend,



Photography Credits: Tiairra Shelton