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Galore's Garden 12% Vitamin C Serum

Galore's Garden 12% Vitamin C Serum

Galore's Garden 12% Vitamin C Serum

This new brightening serum is packed with hyaluronic acid, love vera and l-ascorbic acid to provide the skin with antioxidant protection, fade dark marks, and brighten skin tone. Made for all skin types, especially sensitive skin types.

HOW TO USE: After toning, apply 2-3 pumps into your hands and rub evenly into the skin. Follow up with moisturizer and SPF protection. 

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    All Ayele products must be stored in a closed, dry area away from direct sunlight.

    Our goal is to make you feel good in your own skin, which is why Ayele was created to educate you on wellness, skincare, and... sprinkle some positivity inside your life!

    Everyone's skin is different! Thus, results will vary amongst individuals. While a specific item may be successful for someone else, this same product may not work for you. For this reason, we urge our newbies to patch test for a minimum of two days before diving into overall use.

    By understanding the therapy and mental/physical relief behind skincare, we strive in creating our products with organic ingredients that make your skin feel good! No extra fillers, no harsh chemicals... only ingredients from the earth that will make a difference naturally. Our products are created in with love and always tested on humans to provide you the best result (animals are our friends, not our test subjects). 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gigi Okeke
Absolutely amazing

This is a must buy! Run, don't walk!

Works good!

I've been using the Vitamin C serum for a few weeks. So far I have noticed some lightening of bright spots. I think it's too early to completely say it's due to this product but this is newest addition to my skincare routine. I love that this doesn't sting at all - I've experienced that with other Vitamin C serums. I use it after my moisturizer and before sunscreen. I'd say give it a try!