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Based on 1982 reviews

I really miss the old cleanser they previously sold, but this one gets the job done as well. Cleanses my face without stripping it without leaving it dry

Sunflower Sweets Serum
Michelle Marquez
A Must-Have

I’ve been using this serum for two years now and it’s become a skincare staple for me. I have combination skin, acne-prone, and it soothes my skin while lessening the redness. It’s hydrating and has also helped to even my skin tone over time. I love this and am now on my third bottle.

been using this product for years. amazing!

Sunflower Sweets Serum
Olivia Rackley
the cure for everything!

I absolutely LOVE this serum and I have used it for years. When I tell you I use this for EVERYTHING; dry skin, pimples, scars, etc. It’s magic especially when used overnight and has become an absolute STAPLE in my skincare lineup. I have combination skin and breakouts from time to time but this is the only serum I’ve found that doesn’t make me too dry/too oily. If you don’t have this serum buy it ASAP!

Consistent Use

I’ve been using the Sunflower Sweets Serum for years on and off. I’ve tried other facial oils/serums but none of them do what this does for my skin. This year I’ve gotten more consistent in my skincare routine, and this is a STAPLE. I finish both my morning and night skincare routine with this serum. It doesn’t make my face oily at all which I love because I have combination, acne-prone skin. When used consistently, my skin is soft and I notice less breakouts and increased fading of facial discoloration (old acne marks). This will honestly forever be a part of my routine.

Sunflower Sweets Serum
Sokmara Soeuy
Definition of Holy Grail

I’ve been using sunflower serum for 6 years. I struggled with acne so much and tried about everything in the book. I had so much dark spot from the acne as well. It has been my savior from the moment I used the first drop. You would be shocked of a before and after picture I have. I don’t use it as much anymore compared to before but I do still have it with me. I’ve come to love my skin so much more. It helped with dark spots, acne, and skin texture. I always refer to this as my holy grail.

Holy grail

I’ve been using this serum for about two years now and I hope and pray they NEVER discontinue it. It’s great for everyday use or when your skin is dry and irritated. A little goes a long way. Customer service and shipping is great too. Will be shopping here forever!


Since switching to this I have noticed less pimples! Doesn't leave my face dried out like other soap and I am truly obsessed.

Great product

Very moisturizing without being greasy and keeps pimples at bay.


Been using this serum for 4 years now and finally ran out of my last bottle a few weeks ago and decided to switch up my skin care routine. I thought my skin would be fine without the serum since I haven’t had a breakout in 4 years but I quickly realized I was wrong. I immediately started breaking out within a week of not using it and now have another bottle. Once I started using it again my skin hasn’t broken out. This serum is definitely a need in my skincare routine.


Love this serum! It’s a little tacky to the touch, but I love it way it makes my skin feel. I am glowing!

Camu Gellie Booster
Jasmine Pearl
Boost me up!

I’ve been using this booster for about two months now, and I have to say I’ve seen a glowing improvement in my skin repair. The healing process (for me) is a lot faster as I struggle with random breakouts and dark spots. My skin looks & feels snatched! I am definitely a repeat offender now LOL

Pumpkin Vitamin Mask
Victoria Sayles
Pumpkin Vitamin Mask

Love this mask! My skin feels so soft and looks brighter after using it! The tingling sensation after first applying it kind of made me nervous because I have sensitive skin, but the sensation subsided after a few minutes and I didn’t have any redness or irritation. I seriously recommend this mask to everyone!!

Deep Gellie Ointment
Iris Ramirez
Deep jellie ointment

LOVE LOVE! Like wow!!!! A must buy!!! Love it 🤎

Sunflower heaven

The Sunflower serum is a serum that is heaven sent. It’s almost like the formula is perfect. I love using it before bed & it makes my skin extremely soft.

Works good!

I've been using the Vitamin C serum for a few weeks. So far I have noticed some lightening of bright spots. I think it's too early to completely say it's due to this product but this is newest addition to my skincare routine. I love that this doesn't sting at all - I've experienced that with other Vitamin C serums. I use it after my moisturizer and before sunscreen. I'd say give it a try!


This product has a refreshing smell..its comforts my skin and makes it feel squeaky clean and glowly..will definitely purchase again.

My skin was so problematic. I developed adult acne and nothing worked. I tried medicated solutions, including prescriptions and antibiotics. Then, I found Sunflower Sweets Serum. Now I use gentle cleanser and the serum and my skin is amazing all day. Nothing else needed!


Love this serum. Feel so good on my skin. I have dry skin but it makes my face feel so soft and hydrated after I use it. And it smells pretty good!

Sunflower Sweets Serum
Damaris Avila
holy grail serum!

The best serum I have ever used! I’ve been using it for a few years now and is perfect for my dry skin. I have pretty bad eczema this helps so much!

Second purchase I made

My absolute favorite face wash. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. It leaves it feeling soft and clean.

Deep Gellie Ointment
Capria Williams
Loved this for my eczema!

So i really enjoyed using this product! It’s a small jar but it definitely goes a long way. I have eczema that comes and goes in different places all over my body and this product was super moisturizing without leaving any weird residue. It absorbs completely into your skin and has this natural earthy scent to it that i personally enjoyed.

Used for YEARS

I've been using this since they were Bahi. I love this product very much, its a staple in my routine.


I like this moisturizer, it’s light and has a nice faint scent to it. It’s been great with my sensitive skin so far. Just wish it came in the bottle in the picture.

Liquid Gold

I struggle with post acne scars and this serum has helped with some of scarring and texture!