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Virgin-Rose Eye Cream


Reduce dark circles, nourish and hydrate tired eyes with this delicate blend of Rose Oil. This morning-after eye cream instantly reduces dark circles, unsightly bags, and puffiness. It's formulated to rapidly wake up, refresh, and restore radiance to tired eyes. Great for all skin types. Available in 0.45 oz

HOW TO USE:  Apply a small-sized amount around the eye area


Key Ingredients

  • Vitamin C- contains ascorbic acid to promote collagen production, prevent and treat UV photodamage and brighten skin

  • Argan oil- rich in vitamin E and fatty acids to moisturize with a non-greasy feel.

  • Rose oil- rich in vitamins and minerals to treat acneic skin and moisturize dry skin.


Ingredients- Vitamin C 10%, Tripeptide‑5, Banana Powder, Argan Oil, Noni & Rose Extract, Coffee Beans Extract  (Shelf life 6-8 months)

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