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Milk Facial Cleanser
Milk Facial Cleanser

Milk Facial Cleanser


This 2oz non-foaming cleanser gently strips away dirt and impurities while leaving the skin supple and moisturized. Get your natural glow back with this ultra-gentle face wash formulated to give dull, uneven skin a more radiant look. This cleanser is perfect for stressed or tired skin, as well as fine, dry lines—including fine lines on forehead. The luxurious cleansing milk is pH balanced & paraben-free.

HOW TO USE: Massage 2-3 pumps on damp skin in a circular motion. Rinse well and pat dry. 


Size: 4oz

Key Ingredients

  • Milk (Almond + Vegan): naturally rich in several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E

    Lavender: Lavender not only moisturizes skin, but is also antibacterial and can kill bacteria that penetrate your pores

    Jojoba: regulates sebum production because it's so similar to the sebum that your body produces naturally.


Ingredients: Aqua, Vegan Milk (Almond), Lavender Extract, Chamomile Extract, Jojoba Oil and Organic Fruit Extract, Koffum Butter, Olive oil, Plantaserve E, Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract (Organic Rosemary), Carica Papaya Fruit Extract (Papaya), Propolis Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Extract (Chamomile) Shelf life: 12-14 months.

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