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Did you know that exposing your skin to blue light without protection can cause damage to your skin? According to dermatologists, 48 ​​hours of exposure to a computer screen correspond to almost the same level of exposure of 20 minutes in the midday sun.


Blue light can can generate skin spots

Blue light can trigger direct changes in the cells of our skin that are responsible for their pigmentation. The result? Hyperpigmentation of the skin and melasma are common consequences among those who have been exposed to blue light for so long, especially without protection. And for those with darker skin, the risk is even greater. If you already have skin blemishes, they can get worse, and if you don't ... They can appear.


Blue light triggers premature skin aging

Blue light penetrates deeply into all layers of our skin, crossing the epidermis, the dermis and reaching the subcutaneous layer, causing lipid oxidation - which, in turn, accelerates the production of free radicals, which damage skin cells. skin. And it's not just that: it also degrades skin enzymes, destroying collagen fibers and reducing their production.


And how do we protect the skin from blue light?

In addition to decreasing blue light exposure, make sure to protect your skin by using sunscreens with iron oxide in its composition. In addition, protecting your devices screens with filter are also another solution to reduce your exposure. In addition, install apps on your phone and devices that allow the brightness to be changed from blue to yellow or orange.


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