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It is time to understand once and for all the differences between the two!

The habit of hydrating the face skin daily, is essential to keep it healthy and protected against the aggressions of daily life such as dry weather, low temperatures and pollution. However, when it comes to investing in the best product to perform this function, many people still have some doubts.

The Moisturizer

The moisturizer is one of the most popular products in skincare and its formula is characterized by the high amount of nourishing and moisturizing actives. The thicker consistency is perfect for dry skin, since moisturizers have the ability to infuse water to the face, even in situations of severe dryness. If you have oily skin, however, proceed with caution.  Moisturizers can cause oil saturation and clog your pores.



The Lotion

The lotion is for those who prefer a lighter texture, as it is less sticky compared to the moisturizer. Being more liquid, this version absorbs faster than the moisturizer, thus, it is suitable for almost all skin types. Lotions are ideal for hot days as well, because they do not leave the skin “caked” with product. The active ingredients in lotions have a moisturizing action, maintaining the skin's natural moisture, making it perfect for everyday use.



Are moisturizers better than lotions?

Because of its density, many people still think that the moisturizer does more for the skin than the lotion, however, in most cases, this is just a myth: it is not the texture, but the components of the product formula. The difference is only in some components of the formulation, such as the the active ingredients present in moisturizing creams.


Still unsure about what is the best moisturizer for you?

If you are still unsure about choosing the best facial moisturizing option for your skin type, take a look at the summary we have put together:

1. Oily skin: If you have identified your skin type as oily, opt for lotions. Lotions are absorbed much faster by the skin and provide a dry touch after application.

2. Dry skin: The moisturizer is the best for dry skin, as it helps to deeply hydrate it, preventing the appearance of dry patches and extreme overall dryness.

3. Normal skin: In this case, the best facial moisturizing option is the lotion version. In addition to ensuring faster absorption as well, it also guarantees a touch of hydration without exaggerating the oiliness.


So, did you like to know the types of moisturizers and learn which is the best moisturizer for the face and your skin type? To continue receiving more tips, follow us on Instagram: @ayeleandco



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